AnneThreadingWaterUsing new and recycled fabric, thread, wax and dye, I create and sew wearable items inspired by the colors and textures of nature. Organic shapes, isolated or in repetition are common motifs.   Up cycled t-shirts find a second life as ruffled scarves or soft gloves.  Rayon, silk and silk velvet fabrics become lustrous shawls and scarves.  I work slowly, and almost exclusively by hand employing the techniques of batik, embroidery, applique, crochet, knitting and beading.

I often combine these techniques to produce finished items with layered textures.  A dyed silk scarf, for instance, may be hemmed with a beaded crochet edging.  Fingerless gloves of batiked t-shirt remnants are often hand-quilted and beaded along with reverse applique technique.

I look for harmony in texture, color and practical use, relying on both my visual and tactile senses. I like to imagine my wearable items providing a window to art as an every day experience and an antidote to mass production.