AnneTjapsThreadingWaterNeedles and thread became part of my life early on, beginning with stamped cross-stitch projects and the gift of my first sewing basket when I was eight years old. Machine sewing followed, but it was the manipulation of fabric and thread by hand that captivated me more.

Throughout a long career in business, the pursuit of degrees in English, History and a Masters in creative writing, raising a child and now, as a grandmother to twin boys, that sewing basket has always been present in a corner of my life.

About twelve years ago, I taught myself needlepoint, knitting and crochet – and began seeking a way to combine all or many of my fiber interests into practical items of clothing and adornment.

I have been inspired along the way by two artists with whom I’ve studied.  In the areas of design, embroidery and rule-breaking, Anita Luvera Mayer dared me to embrace my own methods and to see the possibilities of combining techniques. Mary Jo Scandin taught me the patient art of batik, the joy of playing with color, and encouragement to meander along any path radiating from their happy conjunction.  Both artists continue to influence my work.